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Figheldean village dates back into prehistory; thirty-nine Stone ad Bronze Age Barrows have been excavated in the Parish. ‘Fisgledene’ was entered in the Domesday Book (1086), and the earliest reference to its church was in a charter decreed by Henry I.

Built of Greensand and Chilmark stone, flint and mortar, Figheldean Church sits on a ‘cleeve’ sloping down to the Avon River. The tower is Norman although the top 15ft was added when the original turret-spire was removed in 1860. The Gothic Nave dates from the 15th Century, as do the supporting roof timbers.
The chancel is believed to be 14th Century, the window in its North wall being to the memory of Thomas Simpkins, Church Warden for thirty five years and a major benefactor of the extensive restoration completed in 1860 (at a cost of £1,100).

Today, it still takes a great deal of money to keep this beautiful church running - around £45 a day. With your £30 a year sponsorship, you can help keep this historic church open and alive for the community.

Remember, a sponsorship also makes a great present for a loved one.
“Whoever built this remote village church skimped neither labour, nor time nor thought. They were building to the ‘greater glory or God’ and they achieved something of their purpose.”
Above and right: Figheldean Church